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Discover Who's Browsing Your Site by Mobile

Author: Kyle Barnhart   | Published: March 20, 2015

Google Analytics is a powerful tool.  If you don’t have it installed on your website, I would strongly recommend you add it quickly.  Everyday that goes by is another day’s worth of data you're not compiling and another day of not knowing exactly what your website visitors are doing on your site.  

Google Analytics can tell you a lot about your website, and this article will discuss how to use Google Analytics to determine how many website visitors you’re getting from a mobile device and how those current numbers compare to previous years.

First, let’s discuss how to find out how many mobile visitors you’re getting to your website. Once on the google analytics home page, click on the reporting tab at the top of the page.

Analyics Image 1


Once under the reporting tab, look down the left hand column and find the heading called Audience.  There are many subheadings under audience tab with a lot of valuable information. Right now we are looking for one marked mobile. Within the mobile dropdown you will see two subheadings: Overview and Device.  Select Overview.


Analyics Image 2

Once under the mobile overview heading you will see a tab marked Explorer.  Click the subheading under the Explorer tab marked Site Usage.

Analyics Image 3

Scroll down to the data table below the line graph. You should see 3 listings under Device: Category-Desktop, Mobile, Tablet (not necessarily in that order).  The column next to device is Sessions.  This tells you how many times your website was visited.  This is not a tally of unique or new visits, but the total number of visitors to your website.  Next to each tally is a percent. This will tell you the percent of sessions each device is being used on your website.

Analyics Image 4

Next, look at the second to last column with the heading % new sessions.  This tells you the precent of end-users from each device that are new.  

Analyics Image 5

Finally, the last piece I want to touch upon is trends.  An easy way to view trends is to utilize the date range compare function.  At the top right corner of the page click on the date drop down.  Select a suitable date range.  Next click the checkbox marked compare to.  In the dropdown next to Compare to select previous year and click apply. You should now see a second line on the line graph. If you scroll down to the table you will now see a series of arrows in the column headers as well as a percent change row under each device.  This percent change will tell you whether you’re trending up or down for each device.

Analyics Image 6 

Now that you know what devices your visitors are utilizing to view your website is your website ready for those new visitors and the trends you're now seeing?  Send us an email and find out how we can help design your new mobile site.