Bench Card Tip: Add Prices

No messing with stickers or crossing out with markers. Just add or update and print! 7” x 5” cards are just 40¢ each when self-printed. You can change out your pricing and look crisp and tidy!

Make it Easy for Your Customers

Adding the price to your bench cards answers one of the most important questions in the purchase process, "How much is this?"

In virtually all retail stores, items are clearly marked with a price. Your garden center shouldn't be any different. Don't make the customer work to figure out how much your plants are.

Choose the Right Template

With dozens of bench card templates to choose from, you can 'announce' your price as loudly, or quietly, as you like. If you are a low-price leader, select a bench card that 'shouts' out the price. If you're focus is more on quality and can command a higher price, you may want to tone it down or 'whisper' your price. Sample bench cards are shown below with various degrees of prominence given to the price. 

Save Time & Money

You can update your price and print a new bench card in a minute or two. it cost subscribers 40¢ (33¢ for our blank sign material and 7¢ for laser toner) for an average 7"x5". Double that for  11"x7" signs are only 80¢. 

Sell More Plants

Priced bench cards give your customers the information they need to make a purchase decision in the most cost-effective way possible.

Bench Card Pricing Examples

Bench cards are displayed from the smallest to the largest display of price. Click on any of the images to see a larger version.

  • 7"x5" Burgundy 2 Template
  • 7"x5" Light Green Country Template
  • 7"x5" Brown Steps Template
  • 7"x5" Blue & Pink Template
  • 7"x5" Burlap, Red & Blue Template
  • 7"x5" Big Blue Price Template