What We Need to Get Started on Your New IGC QuickSite

Help Us Help You!

After upgrading your account to one of our IGC Quicksite solutions, you will receive a questionnaire that will help us set your new site up. To have your website turned around as fast as possible, please have the following information available to submit with your questionnaire:


Please submit the original design file (vector artwork) if possible. If you don't have vector artwork, a high-resolution JPG or PDF file will work.


Main Navigation

We will need your main navigation. Typically 5-8 navigation items work best. However, if there are a lot of characters in the navigation items, fewer will fit. For example 'Events' vs. 'Events and Classes' or 'Wholesale' vs. 'Wholesale Accounts'.



Please have 2 or 3 high-resolution images (2,000+ pixels) to be used for your home slide show and as well as header images if your selected template supports them. Most horizontal smartphone images will meet quality and size requirements. Please note, some email applications reduce the size of image files when sending. Submitting the images via the questionnaire will ensure the original file quality is maintained.

If you are unsure if your images meet the required size, you can check here:


Graphics Standards

If you have a graphics standards guide, please submit that with your survey. If not, we will need you to select colors and fonts for your new site.



We will need the HEX colors for your website's primary, secondary and tertiary colors. You can select colors and see the corresponding HEX number with this tool, https://htmlcolors.com/google-color-picker.

If you have a primary color but are struggling to come up with secondary and tertiary colors, you can use this online solution to generate complementary colors, mycolor.space/.

Still struggling? You can ask our designer to select the colors for you. Please note, changing color schemes after they have been implemented is billable work.

SSL Protection

We cannot release a website without a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate. There are strict guidelines on how an SSL is issued that cannot be changed. The request for the SSL must go to one of the following 5 email addresses on your domain:

  • admin@....
  • administrator@....
  • hostmaster@....
  • webmaster@....
  • postmaster@....

For example, if your website URL is AcmeGardenCenter.com, the SSL request would have to be sent to admin@AcmeGardenCenter.com, or adminstration@AcmeGardenCenter.com or hostmaster@AcmeGardenCenter.com, etc. If none of the 5 email addresses exists, have your email administrator setup 'admin@....'.

If you only use GMAIL, AOL, Yahoo, etc. for email, we can set up an admin@.... address for you. This will be billed at an additional $3 per month. 


Text Font Selector

Utilize the Google Text Font Selector to easily find a text font for you to use on your new site. Please select fonts for:

  • Main Navigation & Page Titles
  • Page Subtitles
  • General text


Google Analytics (Optional)

Google Analytics is a great way to track your most popular website pages and see how your customers interact with your site. 

If you do not have access to a Google Analytics (GA4) account that was linked to your previous website, you will need to set up a new account. The steps are detailed here https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/9304153?hl=en.

We will need to add the Google Measurement ID to your web pages to begin seeing data in your new Google Analytics 4 property. Please send the Measurement ID to support@gardencentermarketing.com. Our developer will implement it for your website.

Once the site is live, you will be able to login to Google Analytics to view the stats on your website.