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IGC Design Template #1 Home Page

IGC Design Template #1 Home Page

Garden Center Websites

Easy-to-Update. Responsive Designs. Cost Effective. Quick Implementation.

We know that most of our customers would rather be working in the garden center with plants and customers and not be at the computer trying to figure out how to update a website. Over the last 16+ years, we have developed technology specifically for the horticulture industry to make it easy to have a great garden center website.

We make it easy

Non-technical people can easily utilize Clarity Console tools to manage website content. In fact, our websites are so easy to update, you won't have trouble keeping your site up to date, even in the craziness of spring. We also make it easy for you to choose GardenCenterMarketing.com, a division of Clarity Connect, to build your new website because we offer:

1. Relevant, Industry Experience

We have horticulture customers from coast-to-coast and leverage our collective experience over hundreds of sites for your benefit.

2. Massive Plant Library

Simply clicking on any of our 17,000+ plant records adds them to your online plant library.

3. Quick Implementations

QuickSites™ can be up and running in a day or two while more involved sites will take longer.  However, since we have developed multiple garden center specific solutions, our implementations are typically much quicker and more effective than others.

4. Cost-Effective Tools

We understand garden centers' financial constraints and cash flow issues. We have priced our solutions appropriately. Our IGC QuickSites are only $1,195 per year and that includes a $395 annual subscription to GardenCenterMarketing.com and a year of hosting. There are no hidden fees.

5. Scalable Technology

If you outgrow a QuickSite or just want to start with more functionality, we also offer fully customized websites with additional features such as online ordering and plant and bulk material calculators. 

Learn more

Check out IGCWebsites.com to learn more. Check out the three different IGC design templates to see which is best for you and your garden center.

Let's get Started

Please give us a call, (919) 577-9901 or email timothy@GardenCenterMarketing.com

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