Custom Plant Hang Tags

Customize Hang Tags for Trees & Shrubs

You can easily create customized plant hangtags (available to subscribers only) from our large plant database. You can use the same plant record you create a bench card for to create hang tags (and pot labels as well). You simply select the hang tag template of your choice and the data is reformatted to fit the hangtag.

Scannable barcodes can automatically be generated for each hangtag based on the SKU number you enter for each plant.

Choose from 3 different layouts (2 double-sided and one single-sided) and customize colors to meet your needs.

The tags are 2.667"x5.25" and come six to a sheet. You can purchase the blank, perforated stock here.

You can easily match your hang tags to your bench card color scheme.

Purchase Blank Hang Tag Stock

The perforations on the blank sign stock align with the PDF hangtag output generated by

Hang Tags
Hang Tags