Hang Tags & Pot Labels

Available to Subscribers Only

As a subscriber, you can leverage your plant library by quickly creating and printing adhesive plant pot labels and plant hang tags.  

For a consistent look, use a 'Pick Your Own Colors' bench card template and keep those same colors when creating your plant pot labels and plant hang tags.

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Pot Labels

The pot labels are 3.75" wide x 2.5" high. There are 8 per sheet. Two templates are available: one with a barcode and one without. The bar code will be auto-generated when a SKU is added to the plant record SKU field. 

You can purchase the blank, pot label stock here.

Hang Tags

The plant tags are 2.667"x5.25".  There are six to a sheet. You can purchase the blank, perforated stock here.

Scannable barcodes can automatically be generated for each hangtag based on the SKU number you enter for each plant. If you do not enter your SKU number, the section for the barcode on the back of the tag will be blank.

Choose from 4 different layouts (3 double-sided and one single-sided) and customize colors to meet your needs.

Purchase Blank Pot Label and Hang Tag Stock

The GardenCenterMarketing.com pot labels and hangtags PDF files align perfectly with our blank sign material

Pot Label, Bench Card and Hang Tags
Use 'Pick Your Own Colors' templates to coordinate your Pot Labels, Bench Cards and Hang Tags.