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Adhesive Pot Labels

Made in the USA

Quick Overview

Label size: 3.75"x2.5"

Labesl Per Sheet: 8

Sheets per ream: 250 = 2,000 labels.

Qty Ea Price Price Quantity
2000 labels $0.10 $199.00
8000 labels $0.09 $713.00

More Details for Adhesive Pot Labels

Subscribers have the option of generating 8-up pot labels with plant information with the option of including a bar code. 

Additionally, you can download the Word template below to use to create customized labels.

Additional Product Information for Adhesive Pot Labels

8-Up Label Template

This is a Word document for the 8-up labels. Please note you can download this free of charge, but we do NOT offer support on how to use it or correct any printing issues.

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