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Pricing Labels /Stickers

Made in the USA

Quick Overview

Label size: 1.35"x1"

Labels Per Sheet: 60

Sheets per ream: 250 = 15,000 labels.

NOTE:  Anyone can purchase these labels, but an Annual Subscription is required to access the template to generate pricing labels from the system.

Qty Ea Price Price Quantity
15000 labels $0.01 $199.00
60000 labels $0.01 $679.00

More Details for Pricing Labels /Stickers

We now offer templates that support the use of our pricing labels! You can view them HERE. Please use the filter options on the left side of the sign template selector to view 1.35"x1" pricing label templates. 

Customizable Border Color

The green border shown in the second image at the left will be the primary color you select in your 'Pick Your Own Colors' themes. In other words, it can be any color you like.


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