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Easily Create Custom Bench Cards

Hang Tags and Pot Labels

Creating custom bench cards, hangtags and pot labels for your Garden Center is easy with GardenCenterMarketing.com. Just follow these 5 easy steps.

If you order from us we print on Premium Polyester Never Tear which is 5mil thick. It is close to normal paper thickness, however, it is exceptionally durable and is virtually impossible to tear with your hands.

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step 1

Select Your Preferred Card, Hang Tag or Pot Label Template

Choose from multiple designs (both portrait and landscape options) and standard sizes. Many card templates accommodate your garden center logo. And some display the optional 'Other Text'. 

View Bench Card Templates

step 2

Find the Plant

Use our Plant Database detailed search functionality to find the right plant.

step 3

'Localize' the Existing Plant Info & Add optional Size & Price

Modified signs are available at any time from your secure account.

step 4

Save it to Your Library

Modified signs are available at any time from your secure account.

Step 5

Print It Yourself or Order Online

Download a print-quality PDF to print yourself, or order online (fees apply). We print on waterproof Xerox® Never Tear sign material with UV-resistant toner and ship most orders in one business day.

Learn About Our Bench Card Sizes and Styles

Download Additional Information

11x7 bench card

This is a Pick Your Own Colors example where you can select the 3 colors used on the card. This also has 3 price points and barcodes.

11x7 Bench Card Sample

This is a sample 11"x7" bench card using the 'Burgundy II' template.

7x5 Bench Card Samples

This is a sample of our '2 up' 7x5 bench cards with the 'Pink and Blue' Template