Annual Subscription Options

An Annual subscription is only required to access functionality to create Pot Labels, Hang Tags and Catalog Pages. Additionally, if you are a subscriber, you have additional benefits including unlimited free downloads of PDf files for bench cards, pot labels and hang tags. You do not have to subscribe to purchase any of our other garden center marketing solutions or pay the non-subscriber prices for plant bench cards.  

All subscriptions are for 365 days and are non-refundable.

GCM Signage Membership - $395 annually

For Bench Cards, Hangtags and Pot Labels
  • Download 5x7 for FREE! (Non-subscribers pay $3.00)
  • Download 7x11 for FREE! (Non-subscribers pay $5.00)
  • Download 8-Up Pot Label for FREE! (Not available for non-subscribers)
  • Download 6-Up Hang Tag for FREE! (Not available for non-subscribers)
  • Order 5"x7"  and 7"x5" for $0.95 per card (Non-subscribers pay $3.70)
  • Order 7"x11", 11"x7" and 8"x11" for $1.95 per card (Non-subscribers pay $5.95)
  • Free Shipping on stock Signage Orders (coroplast and vinyl) of $150+  (excludes Canadian orders)
  • 10% off of stock coroplast and vinyl banners.


GCM Signage & Website Membership - $1,195 annually plus $30/month hosting

All the Signage Membership benefits, plus a secure, responsive website!
  • Fully responsive website featuring your full Garden Center Marketing Plant Library (?)
  • Full Content Management System Access to easily update your website
  • Online Training
  • Rapid SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate for the first year (subsequent years are billable at the going rate; currently $99)

 Example Customer Sites:,,,,,

GCM Signage & Ecommerce Website Membership - $1,995 setup plus $190/month

** Minimum 12-month commitment. Includes $25/month gateway fee.

All the Signage Membership benefits, plus a secure, responsive website with an online store.
  • Fully responsive website featuring your full Garden Center Marketing Plant Library (?)
  • Sell plants online
  • Sell gift cards to be redeemed in store
  • Monthly Hosting included
  • Business SSL for first two years

 Example Customer Sites:,

Subscriber vs. Non-Subscriber Bench Card Pricing






Please note that we will be charging your card for each download so you will want to group downloads together if you want to reduce the number of charges made to your card.

Subscribers Save on Large Signs

As a subscriber, you will automatically receive a 10% discount on all regularly priced coroplast and vinyl signs.

To Subscribe, or Not to Subscribe...

In addition to free downloads and lower cost for ordered bench cards, subscribers can also generate Pot Labels from your plant database. This functionality is not available to non-subscribers. Additional member benefits are coming soon.

The rough break even point between subscriber and non-subscriber for ordering cards is:

  • 144 cards if you order only 7"x5"
  • 99 cards if you order only 11"x7"
  • 118 cards if you order equal amounts of 7x5 and 11x7

If you're going to order more plant bench cards than the numbers shown above, it will be less expensive for you to become a subscriber.

Card Stock

We print our bench cards on Performance NeverTear which is a highly developed, printable media made of bright white polyester. It is perfectly optimized for both color and black and white printing. The smooth, matte surface enables a vibrant image and excellent toner bonding. Performance Never Tear is 5mil thick which is close to normal paper thickness, however, it is exceptionally durable and is virtually impossible to tear with your hands.

Performance NeverTear is 100% waterproof and achieves strength and durability without the use of lamination saving both time and money.


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