Downloading and Ordering Bench Cards


The system will generate a PDF file that you can download to your computer and print yourself as many times as you need. 

You can print the PDF on any printer and paper of your choice, however, the PDFs are formatted to print on our blank sign material for either 2 cards per sheet (7"x5") or 1 card per sheet (11"x7"). If you print on this waterproof material, you must use a laser printer. An inkjet printer will NOT work with it.

Downloads are completely FREE for subscribers. 

Non-subscribers pay $3.00 per 7"x5" card and $5.00 per 11"x7" card.


You can also order your plant bench cards from us and we will print and ship them to you. Most orders will be printed in one business day.

  • Order 5"x7" and 7"x5" for $0.95 per card (Non-subscribers pay $3.70)
  • Order 7"x11" and 11"x7" for $1.95 per card (Non-subscribers pay $5.95)
Downloading and Ordering Bench Cards
Downloading and Ordering Bench Cards