Easy and fast custom bench cards, labels, and tags solution with access to our 37,000+ plant library.

Only $395 annually!

What you get with our subscription:

  • Unlimited access to our plant library for Bench Cards, Hang Tags, Pot Labels and Catalog Pages
  • Optional print your own (laser only) or we can print and ship at highly competitive prices
  • Save 10% automatically on all standard Coroplast and Vinyl Signage
  • Free shipping in the continental U.S. on all standard Coroplast and Vinyl sign order of $200+
  • Free phone support

How it works

Print your own signage on our blank sign material,
or let us print and ship directly to you.

Signage Specifications

Bench Cards

  • Dozens of templates available
  • Multiple template sizes available including 7"x5", 11"x7", 5"x7", 7"x11", and 10"x8"
  • Bench cards ordered from us are printed on premium polyester paper - 5mil thick
  • Polyester paper is exceptionally durable; virtually impossible to tear with your hands

Pot Labels

  • Two layouts available - one with bar code, one without
  • 3.75"x2.5" - 8 per sheet
  • Bar code auto-generates when a SKU is added to your customizable plant SKU field

Hang Tags

  • Four layouts available - 3 double-sided and one single-sides
  • 2.667"x5.25" - 6 per sheet
  • Scannable bar codes can automatically be generated for hang tags based your specific SKU number

Blank bench cards, labels, and hanging tags available for purchase.

Custom Bench Cards, Labels, and Tag Gallery

Additional Products We Offer

We Build Websites Too!

Websites specifically tailored
to garden centers and growers.

  • Populate your website quickly and easily with your existing Garden Center Marketing plant library.
  • Quickly build your online plant library from our 37,000+ directory of plants.
  • Full content management system access to easily update your website
  • Online training and live customer support 9:00-5:00pm EST available
  • Optionally, sell gift cards and plants online!