Full Sheet 'Outdoor Paper' (100 Sheets No Perforations)

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100 sheets Synaps Digital XM  (100/Sheets)




  Calculated cost of $0.380 per unit.

Synaps Digital XM synthetic 'paper' is made for Laser printers and is 100% waterproof and virtually tear-proof. These 8.5"x11" sheets do not have perforations. 

Synaps Digital XM is 5mil thick - which is close to normal paper thickness. This 'paper' exceptionally durable and virtually impossible to tear with your hands.

Synaps Digital XM is 100% waterproof. It achieves strength and durability without the use of lamination - saving you both time and money.

Designed for Laser Printers only. Inkjet printers will NOT work with this synthetic paper.