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  • Build Your Plant Library Tip: Use New List View

    The NEW Display Preference of Plant Name Listing View helps you build your plant library more easily.  This view reduces the image size so you can quickly see more plants and add them to your library with a single click of your mouse....
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  • Bench Card Tip: Callout New Plants

    Set YOUR Intro Year: You can set your Introduction Year so any plants new for you feature a banner on the top corner of your image. Set the year you first offering the plant (not necessarily the first year the genetics were available).  N...
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  • Bench Card Tip: 'Localize' Plant Data

    Let your signage sell your products with customized bullet points! You can edit and add information in your Plant Library to promote features, give advice, and share tips. Suggest design ideas, companion plants, or planting care for your zone and soi...
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  • Bench Card Tip: Add Prices

    No messing with stickers or crossing out with markers. Just add or update and print! 7” x 5” cards are just 40¢ each when self-printed. You can change out your pricing and look crisp and tidy!
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