Bench Card Tip: Use Multiple Variety Cards

Are you carrying multiple colors of annuals? Our genus cards feature a collage of images so you don’t have to clutter up your tables. Find your colors, print, and go!

Limited Bench Space?

if you have limited bench space, use the multiple variety cards. They still give your customers the information they need to help make the sale without requiring too much space. 

Limited quanties of similar plants?

if you are a smaller garden center or are at the end of a season, you may have limited quanities of individual varieties. Using a genus overview / multiple varities card will allow you to keep the card up to help sell even when specific varieties sell out.

Multiple Varieties / Genus Overview Cards

Click on any of the images below to see a larger version.

  • 11x7 Begonia Overview Card
  • 11x7 Dahlia Overview Card
  • 11x7 Fuschia Overview Card
  • 11x7 Garden Phlox Overview Card
  • 11x7 Main Street Coleus Overview Card
  • 11x7 Stained Glassworks™ Coleus Overview Card