Increase Sales and Website Traffic with QR Codes on Your Bench Cards

Your Customers can now Access Your Website Dirrectly From Your Benchcards!

QR codes are now available on select 7"x5" and 11"x7" benchcard templates!

What’s the Fuss about QR Codes? They Engage Your Customers.

QR codes get customers to your website so you can:

• Provide more plant information
• Promote complimentary plants and products like rose food and pruners for all of your rose bench cards.
• Capture user info to build your customer database

Never created a QR Code before? No Worries, it’s Automatic. 

Add the website URL to the plant record; and the system will automatically create your QR Code for you.

Still not Sure? Try it Out for Free!

It’s easy with either a trial or subscriber account. Simply select one of several bench card templates that support QR codes and add the URL to the plant record.

QR Codes on Bench Cards; How it Works

Easily add QR Codes to select bench card templates to increase customer engagement, sales and website traffic.

  • Add QR Code URL
    Enter the URL for the QR code to be automatically created for your bench card. If your site is built by us, the proper URL will automatically be included.
  • Print Bench Card
    The QR Code will automatically be created based on the URL entered for each plant.
  • Code Links to Website
    When your customer scans the QR code, it will open the corresponding website page. Adding complimentary plants and products to this page increases customer satisfaction and sales.