One Benchcard Can Do The Work of Three!

Why Use Multiple Size/Multiple Price & Volume Discount Benchcards?

Display up to three different plant sizes with corresponding prices and SKUs. 

Instead of having to print three separate benchcards for three different size plants, we offer the ability to add up to three different SKUs, size, and prices on some of our benchcard templates. 

To utilize this functionality, select either a 7"x5" or 11"x7" 'Multi-Size and Pricing' template. After your template has been updated, navigate to the plant library. Like normal, you can input your plant size, price, and quantity. When you press the 'edit' icon, scroll down and you will see 'Additional Multi-Pricing Fields' (these fields will only be shown if you have selected the proper template). Input your additional sizes and their corresponding price and save and close. All three prices and sizes will now be displayed on a single benchcard!

Match Your Specific Colors

The multi-size, multi-price templates are Pick Your Own Colors (PYOC), so you can easily match your other marketing materials or signage.

Sell More with Volume Discounts

In the example below, volume price breaks are used instead of sizes.

One Benchcard Can Do The Work of Three!

One Benchcard Can Do The Work of Three!

Multi-Size, Multi-Price Bench Card

1 Bench Card Does the Work of 3