To save our customers even more time, we have decided to add over 9,000 new plant records to our plant library. 

2,000+ New Records in the Last Year

Our plant library continues to grow. We have added more than 2,000 new records in the last year. There are currently 24,000 plant records each with at least one image. Many of the plant records have more than one image as confirmed by our total image count of more than 214,000!


9,000 More Records Available Today!

Until now, only plant records with images were available to our customers. However, we have thousands of more completed plant records in need of an image. They have all of the information and characteristics needed except for the plant photo. Instead of adding the name, species, plant details and characteristics, all you have to do is upload your own image!


As of today, those additional plant records are now available to help you prepare your signage for Spring.

How to Access Plants With No Image

  • Filter Records Accordingly
  • Edit the Plant Record
  • Upload Your Image
  • Download Your Benchcard

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