Print Your Waterproof Plant Signs and Save Big!

Print Your Plant Signs and Save Big!

If you have a color laser printer you can print your bench cards, hang tags, and adhesive pot labels to save time and money.

Save Time

You can download and print your bench cards and have them working as your silent salesperson in a matter of minutes.

Save Money

As a subscriber, you have UNLIMITED, FREE downloads. Your cost for the laser toner and blank sign material is roughly half the cost of ordering them from For example, your cost to print a 7"x5" bench card is roughly 40¢ and ordering one is 95¢ PLUS shipping. 

Increase Sales

The sooner your bench cards, hang tags and pot labels are in place, the sooner they are working for you to sell those plants.

Printer Options

With our blank sign material for bench cards, hang tags, and adhesive pot labels, you will need a color laser printer. Fortunately, the cost of laser printers has dropped dramatically over the last few years; high-quality laser printers are between $500 and $1,200. Virtually any color laser printer will work, however, if you are looking to purchase a new one, we recommend one of these three:

Sites like Amazon, Staples and others frequently have better pricing than buying directly from the manufacturer.

Testing Your Existing Printer

If you already have a color laser printer and want to test it, request sample sheets and we will be happy to send them to you. Please let us know if you are interested in bench cards, hang tags and/or adhesive pot labels.

Downloading and Ordering is as Easy as 1-2-3...4

  1. Select Your Sign Template
  2. Find the Plants
  3. Add optional sizes and prices
  4. Download or Order your signs
Print Your Waterproof Plant Signs and Save Big!