Sign Tip: Make sure sign is easily read from a distance

In our 'Bigger is almost Always Better' blog on December 18th, we discussed the need to test font sizes to make sure the sign lettering is big enough to read. This blog expands on the tip of how to test font size BEFORE you pay for a sign.

Be sure to evaluate font size in the 'real world' at a proper distance and not just on a computer monitor.  There are a few ways to accomplish this:

One: Put up a sign you already have to evaluate letter size.

Two: Print out a word with different size letters and tape them together to create a 'dummy' sign. Put that test in the proper location to evaluate it.

Three: Use a sharpie on blank paper to make a quick test to see how large the letters should be.

Put it in Perspective

In all cases, be sure to step far enough back to truly evaluate the sign size. If possible, put your test sign in the place the real sign will be and move to where your customers will first see the sign to evaluate it from that perspective.

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Sign Tip: Make sure sign is easily read from a distance