Multi-Purpose Stake™ for Signage
Multi-Purpose Stake with 7"x5" custom faceplate.
  • Multi-Purpose Stake™ for Signage
  • Multi-Purpose Stake™ for Signage
  • Multi-Purpose Stake™ for Signage
  • Multi-Purpose Stake™ for Signage

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Multi-Purpose Stake™ for Signage

Quick Overview

Our new, patent-pending, Multi-Purpose Ground Stake provides a quick and easy option to display your bench cards and other signage in rocky, hard soil. 

Now garden centers, growers and landscape supply companies can easily add signage for all products sold outside.

Available with our proprietary 7"x5" Faceplate for Multi-Purpose Stake™ or as stake only. 

Stem Faceplate Qty Ea Price Price Quantity
28 Inch 7"W x 5"H 25 Each $7.95 $198.80
28 Inch 11"W x 7"H 25 Each $9.00 $225.00
28 Inch n/a 25 Each/ Stake Only $5.19 $129.80

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Sold in cases of 25 

Installation Tips

The 3/8" steel rod is very strong and can be hammered down into the ground in many locations including most rocky and hard soil. For exceptionally hard soil there are two additional options:

Drill a Pilot Hole

For compacted soil, drill a 6" deep pilot hole in the ground with a 3/16" bit. Be sure to hold the drill perpendicular to the ground so your stake will be straight.

Make a Point

In almost all situations, the pilot hole will work and will be the fastest. However, a second option is to use a grinding wheel to put a point on the bottom of the rod.

Perfect Reading Height

The stake is 34" tall in total. The bottom of the sign is 28" from the ground if the post is hammered into the ground until the stabilizer bar is flush with the ground.

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Multi-Purpose Ground Stake Install

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