Stake Sign Holder with 11

11x7 Stake Sign Holder from Colmet for 11x7 plant bench cards.

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Stake Sign Holder with 11"x7" Faceplate

Made in the USA

Quick Overview

Great for Garden Centers!

Our galvanized steel sign holders are extremely durable and last for years. This sign holder features an 11" x 7" faceplate that is riveted to the stake.

Our 11"x7" plant bench cards fit perfectly in these sign holders.

Stem Faceplate Qty Ea Price Price Quantity
18 inch 11"W x 7"H 25 Case $4.27 $106.75
30 inch 11"W x 7"H 25 Case $4.69 $117.25
36 inch 11"W x 7"H 25 Case $5.21 $130.20

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