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COLMET Bedding Plant Sign Holder with 7"x5" Faceplate

Made in the USA

Quick Overview

Great for Garden Centers!

These solid, galvanized steel sign holders are extremely durable and last for years. This sign holder features a 7" x 7" attached base with pre-drilled holes in the corners. The faceplate is riveted to the stake and the stake is welded to the base. 

Stem Faceplate Qty Ea Price Price Quantity
12 inch 7"W x 5"H 25 Case $5.49 $137.25
18 inch 7"W x 5"H 25 Case $6.21 $155.25

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More Details for COLMET Bedding Plant Sign Holder with 7x5 Faceplate

The signs can be folded flat for storage and for shipping.

How Tall is It?

The total height of the sign holder is the stem length plus the HEIGHT of the faceplate. 

Windy conditions?

The four most common ways to secure the bedding plant signholders are:

  1. Put a brick or other weight on the base
  2. Use wood screws to secure the base to a wooden bench
  3. Use zip ties to secure the base to the display tables
  4. Use 'skinny' tent stakes through the holes when outside

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