April 2015

Got Metric?

Yep, we do now.

Author: Timothy Howard   |  Published: April 27, 2015

We have recently introduced the option for displaying metric units on bench cards, hang tags and pot labels.

Ink Saver Templates Now Available

Save up to 40% in ink coverage

Author: Kyle Barnhart   |  Published: April 20, 2015

Recently, customers began inquiring about which templates require the least amount of ink to print. While some templates used less ink than others, we could not confidently proclaim that one template over another was truly ink-friendly. That is, until now.

Don't Run the Risk of Lost Website Traffic: Chose Your Keywords Wisely

Author: Kyle Barnhart   |  Published: April 7, 2015

Your customers know who you are, they know your name and ideally have visited your website.  What you’re looking for is new customers, people or businesses, who don’t know you or have been to your website.  How do you attract their business if they don’t know you exist?  Keywords.  Being found on relevant keyword searches of potential customers is the end game. Ranking well in relevant, related keywords is how you attract new business on the web. There are two very important words in the previous statement: relevant and related. Let's go over each in a bit more detail.