Quick Tip: Installing 18

When it comes to installing vinyl banners, think boot camp hair cut: High and Tight!

High: When installing signage, make sure it is high enough that it displays well above anything that would obstruct its view from a distance.  Before installing it, walk around your garden center and view the proposed install location to ensure it can be seen from multiple customer vantage points.

Tight: Vinyl banners are only as good as the installation. If you don't have the vinyl stretched nice and tight, it is less than impressive and will lose much of its communication capability. 

Install Tip: Once you have the location determined:

  1. Mount the top scroll banner bracket and slide the banner over the bracket using the pole sleeve.
  2. Slide the second scroll banner bracket through the bottom pole sleeve BEOFRE mounting the bracket.
  3. Put the base of the bracket against the mounting pole/wall and pull it down so the banner is nice and tight. 
  4. Attach the bracket at that location and your banner will look great.

Once you have the banners installed, please send us a few pics so we can show them off in our photo gallery.

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Indoor Installation

If you are hanging your banners inside or where there is very little wind, you can use a weight bar in the bottom pole sleeve instead of a bracket.

Quick Tip: Installing 18