Details of Online Plant Sales

Key components of the online ordering follow:

  1. All plant data will come from your 'My Plant Library' in your GCM subscriber account. Therefore, pricing and size must be entered for each plant you want to sell online.
  2. This system is designed to sell only plants – not hardgoods.
  3. You will be able to have plants in your GCM library that you are not selling online as there will be a checkbox for 'Sell online?'. This will allow you to create bench cards for plants that are sold in-store only and not have them available for purchase on your site.
  4. The system will only support one size/price combination per plant record. If you sell a plant in multiple sizes, you will need to duplicate the plant record and then update the size and price of the duplicated plant record.
  5. Since this system was developed for pickup, it will NOT calculate shipping
  6. If applicable to your locations, you will provide a single sales tax rate like 7.25% that will be charged on ALL orders.
  7. All site users will be required to create an account to check out (no guest accounts)
  8. When an order is placed, the customer's credit card will be pre-authorized, but not charged. This will ensure that your customer entered a valid credit card and that they had sufficient credit at the time they ordered.
  9. When you have the order finalized for pickup, you will use the online Store Manager to charge the credit card. If the card is declined, you will need to contact the customer to resolve the payment problem.
  10. MUST be used as the gateway
  11. The online ordering system will only work with QuickSite Design 1, Design 2 and Design 4.
  12. This system is NOT available for Design 3 QuickSites. If you are interested in switching to Design 1, 2 or 4, let us know.
  13. The text associated with each step of the checkout process will be editable by you with the Page Editor tool, so you will be able to add any special instructions or information specific to your garden center.
  14. If you have more than one location, the customer will need to enter in the comments section which location they would like to pick up from.