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SloatGardens.com was developed by their marketing firm. They added the 'Plants' navigation item to link to our functionality.

Add Plant Library to Your Existing Site

Leverage your bench card plant records into a great online plant library

If you are happy with your website and just want to add a plant library and detailed plant search we have an easy way to make that happen. As an active GardenCenterMarketing.com subscriber, you can easily have a great online plant library based on the plant records in your 'My Plants' library. We will build out your online plant database and detailed plant search on a 'plants' sub-domain like:

This functionality is on our servers. However, we replicate your website look and feel so your site visitors don't notice a difference when they switch to the plant section of your site.

Leverage the Plant Database

When you are editing plant information for bench cards, hangtags and labels, you can add optional additional plant information on the 'Web Text' tab. The 'Short Description' displays above the bullet points and the 'Long Description' displays below the bullet points. See the 3rd and 4th images on the right.

Plant Search

With our detailed plant search, your customers can search by plant type, sun exposure, critter resistance and other attributes to find the perfect plant for their landscape.

Cost Effective & Quick

The cost to implement depends on the complexity of your website header and footer. If we have to recreate them both it will be more than if we can use your existing HTML and CSS files. Nonetheless, the one time cost typically ranges from $2,500 to $3,500 plus $35/month. Additionally, you will need to maintain an active GardenCenterMarketing.com subscription. Depending on our development backlog and the quality of your existing website header and footer files, our typical implementation time is 2-3 weeks.

Get Started

If you have questions or would like to get a firm quote, please contact us.