Plant Bench Card -Downloading, Ordering and Pricing

Downloading Your Bench Cards

Downloading your plant bench cards produces a high quality print-ready PDF enabling you to print plant bench cards yourself or to be professionally printed at your local printer. The generated PDF is yours and can be saved to be printed again at any time.  If you do opt for printing cards yourself (which we recommend), Garden Center Marketing offers both laser printer and waterproof paper that will make your plant bench cards waterproof and UV resistant directly out of the printer.  Say good-bye to laminating!

Ordering Your Bench Cards

Should you decide to order your plant bench cards, Garden Center Marketing's in-house printing facility will process and ship them to your garden center.  All printed card orders arrive waterproof and UV resistant without any additional work.

Plant Bench Card System Pricing

We offer two levels of pricing, subscriber and non-subscriber.  

  • Subscriber Pricing

    Pay $395 upfront but you can download unlimited plant bench cards for FREE.  Order bench cards costs at a drastically discounted rate.  
    7"x5" = $0.95
    11"x7" = $1.95
    Additonally, subscribers have access to downloading pot labels and hang tags.
  • Non-subscriber Pricing

    No up-front cost but your downloading and ordering costs are higher than that of a subscriber.  
    Download Pricing:
    7"x5" = $3.00 

    11"x7" = $5.00  

    Ordering Cards:
    7"x5" = $3.70 

    11"x7" = $5.95  
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