Easily add a Plant Library to Your Website

We can create a great plant library on your site with the plant info you use for your plant bench cards, hangtags and pot labels.

If you have a good website but are struggling to get proper plant information and images, a plant sub-domain may be just what you need. The information you use for your bench cards plus any additional descriptions you add on the 'Web Text' tab will be used for your online plant library.

Generally speaking the information available from the database is sufficient for your plant library, but you may want to add additional descriptions, planting instructions and/or cross-merchandising information for select plants.


In the following examples, our customer had a different company build their website and they added a main navigation item like 'Plants' that linked to the plant library section of their site that 'lives' on our web servers.

Of course, we can also build your entire website including online plant sales for curbside pickup and/or local delivery.

Please reach out to us if you would like to chat about your website.

Easily add a Plant Library to Your Website