Add an Early Splash of Color to Your Garden Center

As you know, color sells. However, it's a challenge to have impressive colors from your plants at all times. Fortunately, with banners, feather Flags and bench cards, you can get your customers' attention with color whenever you want to. 

Mesh Banners

Mesh banners allow roughly 37% of the air to go through them so they are good for windy places. Also, we can print Mesh banners to be as large as you need. Each roll of Mesh is 16' wide and a couple hundred feet long. We can 'weld' banners together to go even wider than 16'.

Some of our customers use the mesh as both advertising and shade cloth. In other words, they print the message of their choice on the mesh and then install it as shade cloth. In the image above, a colorful mesh banner was installed to a shade structure facing the road so drivers would see the early spring 'color'.

Check out our stock mesh banners.

Feather Flags

Feather Flags are a great, cost-effective way to add motion and color to your message to capture the driver's attention. The images on your feather flags will be in bloom year-round!

Check out our stock feather flags.

Bench Cards

The majority of the images for the plant records in our plant library show blooms (for blooming plants of course). Use the bench card to 'wow' the customer even when your plants are not blooming. 

Check out our bench card capabilities.

Add an Early Splash of Color to Your Garden Center