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by: Mark
Date: February 08, 2016
City: Des Moines
State: IA
A big hammer is helpful
If your ground is hard packed and/or rocky, you will want a big hammer (a 3lb sledge is perfect but a big hammer will should do the trick) to be able to drive it into the ground. Once in the ground, it's a piece of cake to slide the post over it.

Ground Stake

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Power Stake  (1/each)




Our Ground stake is designed or use with the 4" vinyl posts of our Deluxe Outdoor Sign Frame and 6' Sign Posts. The stake installs 17" into the ground and 10" into the post. The 'plow plates' 

The ground stake rod is 1/4" steel and is poweder coated to help resist rust.

The Deluxe Outdoor Sign Frame requires two ground stakes and the 6' Vinyl Sign Post requires one ground stake.

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