Vinyl Outdoor Sign Frame

Vinyl Outdoor Sign Frame

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This sign kit includes two 4” square posts that are 8’ in length, top T-rail, bottom standard rail, standard caps, and all hardware (including ground stakes) to assemble your new sign.  

Dimensions are listed as length x height

Double sided coroplast sign inserts are also available. Design time is not included in the pricing, but is available. If you are submitting your own design, please see specifications below.

Our vinyl frames can be routed to fit the following sign thicknesses:

  • 3MM (1/8IN) - this is the thickness for our standard coroplast signs
  • 6MM (1/4IN)
  • 12MM (1/2IN)

Please note that the panel size and the visual space are not the same. The visual space can be calculated by subtracting 1.75” for the top T-rail, 1.25” for the bottom rail, and 2” for each post. This means that you lose 3” total from your height and 4” total from your width. Please contact a representative for assistance or if you require more precise sizing options.

With the ground stakes and cuting the leg/post lenght appropriately, you can quickly have your sign installed properly - even on a slope!

Assembly & Installing

Assembly of the sign is fairly straightforward. We'll be adding a training video in the next couple of weeks.

Sign Design

We can work with you to create the custom sign of your dreams (OK, let's hope you're really not dreaming about your signs). Our design rate is $75/hour, but you'll be surprised how quickly we can create a great, custom design. After we discuss your requirements, we can give you a design estimate. We don't have hour minimums, so if it only takes us 15 minutes, that's what you'll get billed for.

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