6' VINYL Banner Sign Post w/2 arms
The double arm sign post looks great with two 18" x 36" Vinyl Banners.
Made in the USA

6' VINYL Banner Sign Post w/2 arms

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4"x4"x6' tall vinyl sign post with 2 arms  (1/each)




Get more bang for your buck with our new product with two signs on a single post. This sign system is like our standard 6' Vinyl Sign post but with a second arm at 90 degrees from the first arm. It is installed a few inches below the first arm. The first arm installs with the patent pending internal key and the second arm is secured with 2 screws. White caps cover the ends of the screws for a clean fnish. Ground installation is especially easy with our Power Ground Stake(included).

(Signs are NOT included)

Sign Width

Holes are pre-drilled on the bottom of the arm so you can connect the supplied mounting clips at the proper width to support signs up to 2' wide.

Assembly & Installing

Assembly of the sign post and arm is super quick. A Power Ground Stake is included to make installaition a snap.

The sign post will also slip over a 4"x4" timber, so you could also sink a 4"x4" in the ground and leave 12-18" above ground and then slide the 6' vinyl sign post right over it.


Made To Last

Our sign post is made out of commercial grade vinyl so that stays a bright, even white for years

  • The arms are reinforced for extra strength.
  • The included mounting hooks help keeps the sign securely attached to the arms
  • Clips designed to hold up to 40 pounds

Sign Design

We can work with you to create the custom sign of your dreams (OK, let's hope you're really not dreaming about your signs). Our design rate is $75/hour, but you'll be surprised how quickly we can create a great, custom design. After we discuss your requirements, we can give you a design estimate. We don't have hour minimums, so if it only takes us 15 minutes, that's what you'll get billed for.

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