Xerox® Revolution Never Tear 7

Xerox® Revolution Never Tear 7"x5" Bench Cards 1 Case (1000 Sheets)

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1 Case of 1000 sheets Xerox Performance Never Tear for 7x5 Bench Cards  (2000/Bench Cards)




  Calculated cost of $0.260 per unit.

Perforated to allow you to easily tear off the borders so the sign will fit perfectly in 7" x 5" bench card sign holders.


2-Up Label Template
Use this template to format labels for optimal output.

For Laser Printers Only

Designed for Laser Printers only. Inkjet printers will NOT work with Xerox Performance Never Tear.

Thin, yet Tough

Performance NeverTear is a highly developed, printable media made of bright white polyester. It is perfectly optimized for both color and black and white printing. The smooth, matte surface enables a vibrant image and excellent toner bonding. Performance Never Tear is 8mil thick which is close to normal paper thickness, however it is exceptionally durable and is virtually impossible to tear with your hands.

Performance NeverTear is 100% waterproof and achieves strength and durability without the use of lamination saving both time and money.

Crack and Peel

After printing, fold over the crease and then you can peel the extra away to leave the just the bench card.

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