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Shade Shrubs Feather Flag-Bold

Quick Overview

Shade Shrubs Feather Flag Single Sided Bold Design.

Height Base Price Quantity
10 Feet Ground Stake $141.90
10 Feet Cross Base $154.50
10 Feet Flag Only $82.90
12 Feet Ground Stake $151.40
12 Feet Cross Base $165.70
12 Feet Flag Only $94.30
15 Feet Ground Stake $179.80
15 Feet Cross Base $193.90
15 Feet Flag Only $122.60

More Details for Shade Shrubs Feather Flag-Bold

Flags are printed on lightweight 3oz Polyester, using superior quality sublimation equipment, for the longest-lasting color of any type of printing available for fabric. They can be easily seen from a long distance and are a great way to achieve high visibility.

NOTE: Flags are printed on one side only. Two-sided printing is NOT available.

A carry bag and metal poles are included with all options EXCEPT Flag Only.

Installation Options

Ground Stake
Install with the Ground Stake when you can drive the stake at least 10" into the ground.

Cross Base
Select the Cross Base when you are displaying the flags on hard surfaces like parking lots or indoors. If outdoors, you will need to add a weight to cross base to keep the flag upright. One option is to put a 25lb 'olympic' weight over the top of silver pole mount before putting the flag pole on.

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