Pansies Feather Flag Single

Pansies Feather Flag Single

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With motion and our vibrant designs, feather flags are a great way to draw attention to your business. The PANSIES Feather Banner is available in multiple sizes. Select the proper size and hardware (ground stake vs. cross base) above.

Installation Options

Ground Stake
Install with the Ground Stake when you can drive the stake at least 10" into the ground.

Cross Base
Select the Cross Base when you are displaying the flags on hard surfaces like parking lots or indoors. If outdoors, you will need to add a weight to cross base to keep the flag upright. One option is to put a 25lb 'olympic' weight over the top of silver pole mount before putting the flag pole on.

Lead Times

We produce Feather Flags as we receive orders. They ship in 5-7 days from the west coast. Please allow sufficient time for the production and shipping.