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Native Plants for the Mid-Atlantic 24"x36"

Made in the USA

Quick Overview

Our 24-inch x 36-inch sign works equally well both indoors and outdoors. 

Our large signs are printed on high-quality coroplast or vinyl with UV-resistant ink. In most locations, our signs will last for multiple years.

This sign is great for use at garden centers, farm stands and farmers' markets.

Materials Printed Sides Price Quantity
Coroplast Single Sided Sale! $21.67
Reg: $28.90
Vinyl Single Sided Sale! $22.05
Reg: $29.40
Coroplast Double Sided Sale! $38.25
Reg: $51.00
Vinyl Double Sided Sale! $44.78
Reg: $59.70

More Details for Native Plants for the Mid-Atlantic 24x36

Coroplast Signs

Grommets: Each 24"x36" coroplast sign has grommets in all four corners.

Shipping: Each box will hold up to 17 coroplast signs. If you can order more signs, the amount you pay for shipping as a percentage of the order total will drop dramatically.

Vinyl Banners

Grommets: Each 24"x36" vinyl banner has grommets in all four corners.

Shipping: Vinyl banners are rolled up and shipped in tubes.

Block-Out Layer: To prevent light from bleeding through, there is a thin block-out layer between the 'front' and 'back' layers of vinyl. This ensures the readability of your vinyl banner even if there is a bright light shining behind it.

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