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Groundcovers 48"x12"

Quick Overview

48inch X 12inch signs work equally well both indoors and outdoors.

Our large signs are printed on high-quality coroplast or vinyl with UV-resistant ink. In most locations, our signs will last for multiple years.

This sign is great for use at garden centers, farm stands and farmers' markets

Materials Printed Sides Price Quantity
Coroplast Single Sided $18.40
Vinyl Single Sided $19.60
Coroplast Double Sided $31.90
Vinyl Double Sided $38.90

More Details for Groundcovers 48"x12"


Coroplast Signs will have grommets in all four corners and one centered at the top.

Vinyl banners will have grommets in all four corners. They are rolled up and shipped in tubes.

Coroplast Ships in Oversized Box

The 48x12 coroplast posters must ship in a 49" long box - which is oversized according to UPS & FedEx. This incurs a $16 per box handling fee. Each box will hold up to 17 signs. If you can order more signs, the amount you pay for shipping as a percentage of the order total will drop dramatically. 

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