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Flowering Shrubs 24"x36" - Bold

Made in the USA

Quick Overview

24-inch x 36-inch Flowering Shrubs banner
Materials Printed Sides Qty Ea Price Price Quantity
Coroplast Single Sided 1 each $28.90 $28.90
Vinyl Single Sided 1 each $29.40 $29.40
Coroplast Double Sided 1 each $51.00 $51.00
Vinyl Double Sided 1 each $59.70 $59.70

More Details for Flowering Shrubs 24x36 - Bold

Coroplast Signs

Grommets: 47"x12" Coroplast signs will have grommets in all four corners and one centered at the top.

Shipping: Each box will hold up to 17 signs. If you order more signs, the amount you pay for shipping as a percentage of the order total will drop dramatically

Vinyl Banners

Grommets: Vinyl banners will have grommets in all four corners. 

Block-Out Layer: To prevent light from bleeding through, there is a thin block-out layer between the 'front' and 'back' layers of vinyl for both our single and double-sided banners. This ensures the readability of your vinyl banner even if there is a bright light shining behind it.

Shipping: Vinyl banners are rolled up and shipped in tubes.

18oz Vinyl: We print exclusively on 18oz vinyl with a block-out layer. Many printers use 13oz vinyl which is cheaper (price and quality) and does not have a block-out layer.

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