E-Commerce Promo 18
Customized with your logo and website address.
Made in the USA

E-Commerce Promo 18"x36" VINYL Double Sided banner

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E-Commerce Promo 18"x36" VINYL Double Sided banner  (1/each)




Promote your new Online Ordering functionality with this custom 18"x36" double-sided vinyl banner.

After placing your order, please email a high-resolution logo and your website address to support@GardenCenterMarketing.com.

Vinyl Banners
18 oz. vinyl is strong, waterproof, and fade-resistant making it the perfect material for outdoor or indoor signage. Vinyl is flexible so, when not in use, it can be rolled up and stored easily. All of our vinyl banners have a block out layer between the two sides to prevent light from shining through. This ensures the banner looks great even with a bright light shining from behind. See an example of block out layer in action.

Double Sided
Double sided banners have the same image printed on both sides. Banners printed double sided are great for high traffic areas, enabling one sign to do twice the work.

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