• Bulk Mulch-8'x3'
  • Bulk Mulch-8'x3'

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Bulk Mulch-8'x3'

Made in the USA

Quick Overview

Attach this large, 8'x3', BULK MULCH mesh banner to a fence or between posts to attract customers to your garden center.

Mesh banners can only be printed on a single side.

Materials Printed Sides Price Quantity
Mesh Single Sided Sale! $95.63
Reg: $127.50
Vinyl Single Sided Sale! $96.75
Reg: $129.00
Vinyl Double Sided Sale! $168.75
Reg: $225.00

More Details for Bulk Mulch-8'x3'

The mesh allows roughly 37% of the wind to pass through.

Mesh banners are printed single-sided, but the image 'bleeds through' and is reversed from the back view.

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