Rebate Tiers for Master Nursery Garden Centers

Getting Started:

Members will create a free account HERE. Select 'Master Nursery' in the 'How Did You Hear About Us?' to tag your account as a Master Nursery member.

Members who are current GCM customers already have their accounts tagged.

Every purchase made by Master Nursery members contributes to the corresponding annual rebate target sales volume.

Rebate Tiers:

Product Category 1:

Annual Purchases: $35,000 $70,000 $100,000 $125,000
Rebate Percentage: 2.5% 3.5% 5% 6.5%

Additional Subscriber Benefits:
Annual subscribers to the signage system will automatically receive a 10% discount on banners and posters when placing orders. This is in addition to the year-end rebate. Additionally, subscribers will receive free shipping on orders of banners and posters of $200+.  

Product Category 2:

Annual Purchases: $35,000 $70,000 $100,000 $125,000
Rebate Percentage: 1.5% 2% 2.5% 3.5%




Product Category 3:

Annual Purchases: $10,000 $15,000 $20,000 $30,000
Rebate Percentage: 5% 6% 7.5% 12.5%




All Transactions Paid Online

Master Nursery members will purchase products and subscriptions through after logging into their authorized account. All subscriptions and orders are paid online by members with a credit card. No terms are offered.


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Rebate Tiers for Master Nursery Garden Centers
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