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Plant Benchcards

Create custom plant bench cards quickly and easily with our extensive plant database.

Quickly create custom bench cards by utilizing our ever-growing library of 14,800+ plants, or by adding your own.  Add size, price and logo if you desire.  Select a template from one of the dozens of designs, download the cards as a PDF to print yourself, or order them and let us do the printing for you.

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Banner Creator

Create your own Custom Banners

Looking for a custom banner or poster for your garden center? Our banner creator gets the job done.  In just minutes, Garden Center Marketing's banner creator walks you though choosing a poster style, size, material type, selecting colors, adding your logo, custom text, and selecting appropriate plants for your poster.  You'll have a gorgeous, unique, one of a kind poster in no time.

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Sign Holders

For bench cards or large banners, we have what you need to professionally display your signs.

Choose from a wide assortment of galvanized steel sign holders for bench cards, and for larger signs, metal, plastic and wood sign holders are also available. Garden Center Marketing can even custom design and manufacture sign holders for virtually any unique requirements presented to us.

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Make a good first impression before your customer steps though the door.

From simple information websites to full-blown e-commerce and inventory management, Garden Center Marketing has the tools to ensure your web success. All our websites are built with the customer in mind; you will be in control of your own content so make changes when you need them made. Let us help you put your best foot forward by creating a great new website.

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Pot Labels

Create Custom Pot Labels

You've already done the work on your plant database, now let's leverage your efforts by quickly creating and printing 3.75" x2.5" adhesive plant pot labels.  Add a SKU to your plant records and bar codes will be auto-generated on your labels.  Finally, use the "Pick Your Own Colors" utility to easily give your labels a custom look.

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Blank Sign Material

Print your own bench cards, labels and hang tags.

With our plastic blank sign material, all bench cards, labels, and hang tags are completely waterproof.  Combine this sign material with one of our Xerox Phaser laser printers, and cards are UV resistant as well.  Print when you need it instead of waiting on someone else!

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