Kyle Barnhart Blog Entries

Ink Saver Templates Now Available

Save up to 40% in ink coverage

Author: Kyle Barnhart   |  Published: April 20, 2015

Recently, customers began inquiring about which templates require the least amount of ink to print. While some templates used less ink than others, we could not confidently proclaim that one template over another was truly ink-friendly. That is, until now.

Don't Run the Risk of Lost Website Traffic: Chose Your Keywords Wisely

Author: Kyle Barnhart   |  Published: April 7, 2015

Your customers know who you are, they know your name and ideally have visited your website.  What you’re looking for is new customers, people or businesses, who don’t know you or have been to your website.  How do you attract their business if they don’t know you exist?  Keywords.  Being found on relevant keyword searches of potential customers is the end game. Ranking well in relevant, related keywords is how you attract new business on the web. There are two very important words in the previous statement: relevant and related. Let's go over each in a bit more detail.

Meta Tags: You're Not Using Them But You Should

Author: Kyle Barnhart   |  Published: March 25, 2015

Let's first talk about what Meta Tags are and what they are not.  Meta Tags are not the silver bullet to get you the to top of search results.  Filling out your Meta Data will not cause you to go from page 30 to page 1 for a keyword.  What Meta Tags will do, Meta Tags will help search engines display the content on your page in a legible format.  Let's take a look at where a search engine like Google uses meta tags.

Discover Who's Browsing Your Site by Mobile

Author: Kyle Barnhart   |  Published: March 20, 2015

Google Analytics is a powerful tool.  If you don’t have it installed on your website, I would strongly recommend you add it quickly.  Everyday that goes by is another day’s worth of data you're not compiling and another day of not knowing exactly what your website visitors are doing on your site.  

4 Reasons You Need a Mobile Website

Author: Kyle Barnhart   |  Published: March 10, 2015

Smartphones are everywhere.  Sometimes we love them and sometimes we don’t, but for now they’re here to stay and there are a few reasons you need to make sure your site is optimized to effectively capture this expanding audience. 

Add your own plants to your library faster!

Import your plants via an excel sheet to build your plant library quickly

Author: Kyle Barnhart   |  Published: February 26, 2015

One of the complaints we get from our customers is it can take a while to load plant data into their plant library. We are working hard to make this process as easy as possible for our customers as less time on the computer means more time in the garden center.